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Right Topic, Wrong Question: Blended Learning In The EdNext Poll

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses August 30, 2016

Education Next’s new annual poll purports to show lackluster and declining interest in blended learning.  However, the wording of the poll’s blended learning question is essentially about how much computer usage high schoolers should have during instruction.  

NEPC Badly Misses The Mark on Blended Learning In Latest Report

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses April 29, 2016

Gary Miron and the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) are back with a new report purporting to demonstrate blended learning as ineffective at improving student achievement. This new iteration, “Virtual Schools Report 2016: Directory and Performance Review,” written for NEPC by Gary Miron and Charisse Gulosino, claims to be a census of virtual and blended schools, providing data about their composition and performance. 

Student Outcomes


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Facts on Student Outcomes

Oversimplifying Personalized Learning (Response to  Brookings)

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses, Personalized Learning April 20, 2016

The potentially transformational approach to education called personalized learning is increasingly being embraced by public schools across the country. But it is important that personalized learning not simply be lumped in with any change in the classroom, or that it be viewed as an unattainable goal; indeed, there are clear ways to articulate what personalized learning is, where it is taking off with comprehensive fidelity, and how it can continue to spread to more schools and districts.

Agreeing with Diane Ravitch: Pedagogy Before Technology

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses March 16, 2016

In a recent blog post, Diane Ravitch writes in the first line, “I wish that all those who appreciate the wonders of technology would frankly admit its limitations.”  Well, I’m here to admit it.  But not in the way Dr. Ravitch might wish.

Supporting Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

WRITTEN BY Don Soifer UNDER: Media Responses, Utah January 23, 2016

In the competitive environment of today's economy, observes the Salt Lake Tribune's editorial page.  "The winners will be the ones who maximize both the human and the technological components of learning."

Blended Learning Is a Strategy

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses, Blended Learning Practices December 01, 2015

Does any use of technology in a classroom make it blended learning?  A recent article by Ellie Kaufman at raises the question.

Meritocracy, not “Testocracy”

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses, Assessment, Competency Based Education November 21, 2015

Education activist Anthony Cody recently wrote about his concerns regarding competency-based learning and the use of technology in assessing what students know and can do. Although punctuated with straw-man arguments and a bit of “misNAEPery”, Mr. Cody raises some important points about testing, technology, and competency-based learning that merit factual and logical responses.   

Competency-Based Education: What Ravitch Missed

WRITTEN BY Don Soifer UNDER: Media Responses November 13, 2015

A recent article by Diane Ravitch dismissively rejected competency based education, describing it as a favored tool of private investors seeking to privatize and monetize American public education.

Diane Ravitch Mischaracterizes Blended Learning

WRITTEN BY Don Soifer UNDER: Media Responses October 13, 2015

Diane Ravitch, in an article published today on Salon, offered the following criticisms of the techology component of blended learning, as she appears to understand it.  Her article describes the agenda of The Network for Public Education, an organization she founded in 2013.  She writes:

Bedford, Virginia's Promising Personalized Learning Pilot

WRITTEN BY Don Soifer UNDER: Media Responses October 02, 2015

An article in today's Lynchburg (VA) News-Advance gives a promising report on that district's elementary school personalized learning pilot program.