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Protecting Student Privacy and Producing Academic Results with Summit’s Personalized Learning Platform

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Summit Public Schools October 14, 2016

In a front page story in the Washington Post, Summit Public Schools’ Personalized Learning Platform, Summit Basecamp, comes under scrutiny for how it handles student data privacy, as well as questions about its effect on student outcomes.

Climbing to the Summit of Achievement in California

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Summit Public Schools October 08, 2015

Summit Public Schools is rightly regarded as a pioneering leader in personalizing their student’s educational experience through thoughtful implementation of blended learning. 

Student Outcomes


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Facts on Student Outcomes

The Nation and BBC Take Potshots at Blended Learning

WRITTEN BY Doug Mesecar UNDER: Media Responses, Summit Public Schools September 08, 2015

Looking to add its perspective about Facebook’s work with the growing and successful Summit Public Schools to develop state-of-the-art educational software to personalize learning, The Nation on Sunday posted an article from the BBC with largely specious criticisms of blended learning.